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When a loved one dies, the first decisions that must be made are whether or not to have burial or cremation. In many cases a memorial service, reception or casket burial will follow. The deceased may have a will that explains their wishes for disposition (body burial or cremation) after death, and family members must legally follow through with the order in the will. If they have been in hospice care they may have discussed or planned it. Whether the deceased wished for cremation or body burial, you can work with Mountain View Cremation and Funeral Services in Canton(NC) to set up a variety of different funeral services. Mountain View Funeral and Cremation Services in Canton(NC) can work with you to arrange a cremation, memorial service, public or private visitation, burial and provide recommendations for what to do with the remains after the cremation.


Laws that Govern Cremation and Burials in Canton(NC)

Canton(NC) has very thorough statutes regarding death, burial, and cremation. Cremation cannot take place within 24 hours of death. If the body is under investigation for any reason, Mountain View Cremation services must have authorization from the local medical examiner's office in order to begin the process for cremation. If your loved one died of natural causes, and there are no suspicious events surrounding the death, then the cremation process can begin as soon as the Mountain View cremation services in Canton(NC) receives the death certificate. The crematory must keep a signed authorized form on file showing that the cremation was authorized and permissive.

You have 30 days after a cremation to collect the remains of the deceased. The ashes are released to the next of kin or an authorized representative for the family. After 30 days, the crematory has the legal right to commit  the ashes in a memory garden or other acceptable disposal area. The next of kin or legal representative will be notified and possibly billed  for the disposal by the cremation services in Canton(NC).


Scattering the Ashes

When you do collect the ashes, it's up to you how you want to keep, scatter or bury the cremated remains. Some people prefer to purchase an urn and keep the ashes on display in their home. Some inter their loved one in a niche or columbarium above ground in a church, veterans or public cemetery. Others prefer to scatter the ashes in one or multiple places as a means to allow the deceased to rest forever in places he or she loved. Mountain View Cremation and Funeral Services in Canton(NC) often have a selection of urns that you can choose from, and they will deliver the remains to you in the urn selected.


Laws governing the spreading of ashes include not scattering ashes next to another's remains unless you distribute the ashes from the air or in the ocean, and not putting two people's ashes into the same urn with the intention of scattering both sets of ashes at the same time. You can, however, purchase a side by side or dual urn from Mountain View in Canton(NC) that allows you to store the remains of two people. There are also ash scattering memorial grounds that allow you to scatter the ashes in a place where others can come to visit. You can also choose private property as long as you have permission from the property owner. If you feel unsure about local laws, let the Canton(NC) cremation services help you.


Working with a Funeral Home

Not every funeral home directly offers cremation services in Canton(NC). In some cases, the funeral home has its own crematorium either on the same property as the funeral home or a separate property. In other cases, you will have the body cremated through an entirely different business that specializes in cremations. The funeral home you choose to work with for a memorial service can help you arrange the cremation. Most funeral homes that don't offer direct cremation services in Canton(NC) have a reputable crematorium that they work with, although you are free to choose your own crematory.

When working with us or a traditional funeral home, you can choose to have a memorial service before or after the cremation. Families that choose a service before the cremation often want a viewing of the body to say goodbye. While Mountain View Funeral and Cremation Services in Canton(NC) doesn't require embalming the body, you will have to opt for embalming in order to have a public viewing. Funeral directors understand how hard it is for families to deal with the loss of a loved one and plan a funeral, so most funeral directors will see you through the process, set-up and see through your wishes and then inform you about the procedure for picking up the remains.


Working Directly with Mountain View Cremation and Funeral Services in Canton(NC)

If you don't want to have any sort of service, you can opt for direct cremation. A cremation can take place without our helping plan or execute your ceremony or memorial gathering. But we are prepared to help with catering, tent or chair rental, transportation services and printed memorial products if you choose to. You can also work with us to prearrange your cremation, fund it and keep the burden away from your family when the time comes.  If your loved one passes away while under hospital care or hospice they will  help you call us to transport the body to our care center close to Canton(NC). You are able to view the body for a short while preceding a cremation, and Mountain View cremation services in Canton(NC) has a special viewing area for family members. The cremation will occur on the crematory's schedule, but you can rest assured that our professional staff at Mountain View Funeral and Cremation services in Canton(NC) will assist you in handling the details of the cremation in a compassionate and professional way.


If someone has passed, call us immediately. You may also call any time with questions. If you are more comfortable reaching out by email, please do so with the form below.

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