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Direct Cremation

Original price was: $1,690.00.Current price is: $895.00.

Customize your plan

  • Select a cremation container *

    Family Provided Cremation Container $0.00
    Minimum Alternative Container $300.00
    Clifton $3,950.00
    Lyra Brown $3,100.00
    Lyra Natural $3,100.00
    Pacific Pine $2,000.00
    Shaker Pine $2,000.00
    Cloth Covered $1,325.00
    Standard Alternative Container $700.00


  • Select an urn *

    Family Provided Urn $0.00
    Monroe Oak $600.00
    Shaded Oak $600.00
    Sheet Bronze Chest $600.00
    Sheet Bronze Cube $600.00
    Cashmere Gray $600.00
    Hartley $500.00
    Riverstone Gray $500.00
    Ashen Pewter $500.00
    Delphia Wings $500.00
    Minimum Oak $500.00
    Meadow Green $500.00
    Monterey Maple Scattering $500.00


  • Select an urn vault *

    No Burial $0.00
    Charleston $625.00
    Pebblecove $500.00

    Select for burial of urn

  • Select number of certified copies of the death certificate *

    Death Certificates are issued in the County where the death occurred. ($10.00 per copy)
    An administrative fee of $200 will be added for Mountain View cremation to obtain the death certificate(s) on your behalf.

  • Additional Services *

  • Pacemaker *

  • Medical Examiner's Cremation Certificate *

    I will pay the Medical Examiner upon authorization $0.00
    Medical Examiner’s Cremation Certificate $50.00


  • Administrative Record Keeping Fee *

    I Would Like to Pay the Administrative Record Keeping Fee Now $150.00
    I Would Like to Pay the Administrative Record Keeping Fee Later $0.00


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  • Immediate Attention 24 Hours a Day
  • Local Transfer from Place of Death to our Care
  • Services of Licensed Funeral Director to assist you with all arrangements
  • Our State of the Art Crematory
  • Filing Required Documents and Permits

Required Additional Fees:

  • $50 Medical Examiner’s Cremation Fee
  • Must select or provide a Cremation Container and Urn
  • $250  Refrigeration
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