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This plan includes the basic services of funeral director and staff, transfer of deceased to the funeral home, other preparation of the deceased, sanitary care, other preparation of deceased, refrigeration, limited private family goodbye (30 min. for 10 people), other automotive equipment, crematory fee, standard memorial package with video tribute, photo collage and remembrance gift.
Other fees may apply.

Customize your plan

  • Select a cremation container *

    Cloth Covered $1,295.00
    Clifton $3,650.00
    Lyra Brown $3,000.00
    Lyra Natural $3,000.00
    Pacific Pine $1,975.00
    Shaker Pine $1,975.00


  • Select an urn *

    Minimum Poplar $475.00
    Hartley $475.00
    Riverstone Gray $475.00
    Ashen Pewter $475.00
    Delphia Wings $475.00
    Minimum Oak $475.00
    Monroe Oak $575.00
    Shaded Oak $575.00
    Sheet Bronze Chest $575.00
    Sheet Bronze Cube $575.00
    Cashmere Gray $575.00
    Dogwood Oak $575.00
    Brushed Marcelo $475.00


  • Select an urn vault *

    No Burial $0.00
    Charleston $625.00
    Pebblecove $250.00

    Select for burial of urn

  • Select number of certified copies of the death certificate *

    Death Certificates are issued in the County where the death occurred.
    $10.00 per copy

  • Additional Services *

  • Pacemaker *

  • Medical Examiner's Cremation Certificate *

    I will pay the Medical Examiner upon authorization $0.00
    Medical Examiner’s Cremation Certificate $50.00


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  • Immediate Attention 24 Hours a Day
  • Local Transfer from Place of Death to our Care
  • Services of Licensed Funeral Director to assist you with all arrangements
  • Crematory Fee
  • Filing Required Documents and Permits
  • Expedited Cremation
  • Local Delivery or Mailing of Cremains
  • Process Private Insurance / VA Paperwork
  • Obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate
  • Sanitary Care
  • Other Preparation of Deceased
  • Refrigeration
  • Private Family Goodbye
  • Automotive Equipment for Deliveries
  • Standard Memorial Package
  • Arrangement with State or National Cemetery
  • Urn Allowance of $425
  • Cremation Casket Allowance of $895

Required Additional Fees:

  • $50 Medical Examiner’s Cremation Fee
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